Aeropress coffee filters

Please see our Terms of Sale for information about shipping. Some of the early AeroPress Go chambers have a problem. The chambers will not properly engage with the filter cap when attempting to screw the cap with filter onto the chamber. We apologize. You can enjoy a serving as espresso or add water or milk to create an 8 oz.

The preceding can be done with hot or room temperature water and the drinks can then be enjoyed hot or cold. It should be noted that the way to fill the large AeroPress Go mug is to brew two servings and then add water or milk to fill the mug with coffee or latte.

When fully packed up in the mug with the lid on top, the AeroPress, its accessories, and the 20 paper filters that fit into the travel filter holder weigh The AeroPress, mug, and accessories are made of food-safe polypropylene that is free of BPA and phthalates. The lid and plunger seal are both made of silicone and the filters are made of paper. The mug holds 15 oz. Recently some AeroPress Go units were accidentally packed with instructions for the original AeroPress coffee maker.

The two instructions are almost identical but to view or download the correct instructions for the AeroPress Go please click here.

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A good grinder will grind coffee into particles of uniform size. Very fine particles block the flow of water and make it difficult to press.

The same blocking occurs if your grinder is dull and produces particles of varying size because the fine particles block the spaces between the larger particles. We recommend using a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. Use fine drip or espresso grind. Espresso grind takes longer to press and requires skill and patience for multiple scoops but makes a richer brew more quickly due to more particle surface area.

You can use preground drip coffee from the grocery store but you may want to use slightly more coffee or let it steep for a little more time to reach the same strength it would reach using a finer grind. A level scoop holds A heaping rounded scoop of coffee holds 14 grams or 3 tablespoons.

But if you do two or three 3-scoop pressings into an 8 or 12 cup carafe and then top off the pot with hot water, you will have enough American style coffee to serve a small gathering in less time than it takes to brew a carafe of drip coffee. All of our tasters agreed that coffee brewed at these temperatures tasted the best.The resulting coffee is great on its own, or it can be used as a base for other coffee concoctions. Now the standard AeroPress kit that you can pick up from Amazon or at your local store comes supplied with a pack of paper filters, a coffee scoop, and a stirrer along with a few other parts.

These thoughts were running through my mind, so I gave in and decided to buy the AeroPress metal filter to give it a try. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not! As I have already mentioned the AeroPress comes with a pack of disposable paper filters, I say disposable, but you can actually reuse these paper coffee filters, simply rinse them once they have been used and place them back into the plastic filter cap of the AeroPress to dry.

But, yes you can reuse them, and many AeroPress users do just that.

aeropress coffee filters

The AeroPress metal filter taste test. The first thing I noticed when I finished plunging down my AeroPress using the Able AeroPress metal filter was the sheer amount of oils floating on the surface of my coffee concentrate.

These oils add a little more flavor and body to your coffee, and I noticed on my first sip that the brew made with the AeroPress metal filter had an earthier taste, which I prefer!

However, the AeroPress metal filter does tend to let through more coffee sediment, and I did notice some sludge at the bottom of my mug. To help reduce this unwanted paper taste try pre-moistening your paper filter before you use it. The paper filter wins hands down with after brew cleanup, all that is needed is to unscrew the filter cap and shoot your expired coffee grounds and filter into the garbage.

You have to separate the metal filter from the grounds, then dump your grounds and hand wash your metal filter. It can get messy and more time is definitely needed to clean the clogged holes on the filter thoroughly. Mark is the owner of the popular coffee blog - Bean Ground. He's been active in the catering and hospitality industry for over 20 years and he is a proud member of the Speciality Coffee Association. Subscribe to receive free emails filled with reviews, gear, and caffeine-infused tips on how to brew great-tasting coffee at home.

Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Not all burr coffee grinders are equal, and the debate between conical and flat burrs is an ongoing discussion for coffee geeks trying to decide which type of burr grinder is the best. Every now and then I run into a debate over which brews the best tasting coffee, the French Press or the Drip coffee maker? Naturally, everyone has a favorite, and this heated debate will more than likely continue for Figuring out the chemistry behind a great tasting cup of coffee has been our number one goal as humans ever since we nailed sliced bread.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Knowledge College.The AeroPress micro-filter fits all models of AeroPress. Removing grit and sediment, this pack of paper filters will help you to brew a deliciously rich and smooth cup of coffee. Not your typical brewing device, The AeroPress is compact enough to bring with you to the office or a camping trip. The AeroPress micro-filter material removes sediment and grit, unlike other press-type coffee makers.

This creates a smooth and rich cup of coffee with remarkably low acidity. Remember me Log in. Lost your password?

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Add to wishlist. Description BrewBetter Video Not your typical brewing device, The AeroPress is compact enough to bring with you to the office or a camping trip. Size : 2.

aeropress coffee filters

BrewBetter Video. You may also like…. Quick View. Search for:. At Stone Creek Coffee, social responsibility is a foundational element of our identity. We believe that a commitment to the environment must coexist with other elements of social responsibility for a holistic approach to doing our best for the world and others. Stone Creek Coffee will regularly audit and identify areas of environmental strength and weakness within the overall operations of the organization.

We will attempt to reduce any negative impacts to air, surface water, ground water, public health, community quality of life, and employee health while producing coffee that is sweet, clean, and juicy.

Stone Creek Coffee will strive for continual improvement in pollution prevention while meeting or exceeding all regulations. Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee. As a mission-driven company, at Stone Creek Coffee, we believe in serving and enhancing the local communities we live and work in. We believe that the socially responsible practices we apply daily in our internal operations can proliferate with the involvement of our stakeholders, customers, and our communities.

How to Make AeroPress Coffee at Home

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Suppliers will investigate such reports and take corrective action if needed. Compensation paid to employees will comply with applicable national wage laws and ensure an adequate standard of living. Suppliers are expected to provide their employees with fair and competitive compensation and benefits. Compensation and benefits should aim at providing an adequate standard of living for employees and their families. It is recommended that suppliers offer their employees ample training and educational opportunities.

Typical discriminatory treatment takes into consideration — consciously or unconsciously — irrelevant characteristics of an employee such as race, national origin, gender, age, physical characteristics, social origin, disability, religion, family status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any unlawful criterion under applicable law.This funky-looking manual coffee brewer has gained a cult following and for good reason — the AeroPress can make a smooth, full-bodied serving of coffee in under a minute!

From cold brews and keto coffee to French presses and Chemex pour-oversmaking coffee at home has never been easier. Freshly ground coffee, hot water and your choice of manual brewing coffee method are really all you need these days to make a good cup of aromatic coffee. That's especially true if you make use of an AeroPress to brew your daily cup of Joe.

aeropress coffee filters

Here's everything you needed to know about the AeroPress, including proper brewing technique and step-by-step instructions for making your own batch of AeroPress coffee at home. The AeroPress is a compact immersion coffee brewer that was developed in by Alan Adler, a retired Stanford University professor, engineer and prolific inventor — he has over 40 patents to his name.

Unsatisfied at how long it took to make a pour-over and the overall difficulty of making a good cup of coffee, Adler set out to innovate the coffee brewing process and ended up with a durable yet light and compact device: the AeroPress.

Made of two nesting chambers made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, the AeroPress is basically one large plastic syringe with a thick rubber end that uses air pressure and a plunger to force hot water through the coffee grounds and thin filter. The resulting coffee concentrate is grit-free, low in acidity and bitterness, and can be had full strength as an espresso-style brew. You can also use hot water to dilute the AeroPress concentrate into an Americano, turn it into a latte with some milk, or even make it into cold brew.

Best of all — unlike the drip or pour-over coffee methods, which can take several minutes to brew and rely on gravity to move the water through — a single serving of AeroPress coffee can be made in under a minute.

And, after making your own cup of AeroPress coffee, it's not hard to see why this inexpensive immersion coffee brewer has built up a loyal following that extends beyond the comforts of home. Coffee shops, both across the country and around the worldhave now started to make and sell AeroPress brewed coffee.

There's even an annual championship where competitors from over 60 countries compete to make the tastiest cup of AeroPress coffee. Being able to brew cups of aromatic coffee in under a minute every morning may be the only reason you need to buy an AeroPress, but it's certainly not the only one.

A standard AeroPress coffee maker set also includes a year's worth of filters, a filter cap, coffee measure, stirrer, and funnel for getting the ground coffee into the brewer.

So, apart from ground coffee, a mug, and kettle, the amount of equipment you need to brew AeroPress coffee is minimal—if you grind your own coffee, you're also going to need a burr grinder.

The simplicity of use — you don't need a special technique like when making pour-over coffee, all you have to do is pour and push the plunger down — lightness, durability and ease of cleanup, all make the AeroPress worth considering for your daily coffee routine at home and on the road, too. Not to mention a noticeable difference in taste as well.

Coffee brewed in an AeroPress is approximately 20 percent less acidic than drip-brewed coffee and contains one-ninth the acidity of French press brews. The two biggest downsides to the AeroPress are its inability to make over three servings of coffee in a single brew and the way it looks.

Let's be real, there's nothing fancy about a grey plastic plunger-looking device.

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So, while it may not be the best brewer for weekend brunch with friends or the most aesthetically pleasing, it's a perfectly adequate and quick way to make coffee for one The basic instructions that come with the AeroPress result in a foolproof cup of coffee that's made in less than a minute.

What's great about brewing in the AeroPress is that it's incredibly versatile and slightly modifying steps during the brewing process can yield interesting results — just take a look at all the AeroPress brewing championship-winning recipes.As one of the earlier metal Aeropress filters, the Able Disc has made quite a name for itself over the last few years.

The Able Disc Regular or Standard is a single sheet of stainless steel that has holes laser cut into it. Coffee made via the regular filter has a rich flavor, full body, and a noticeable amount of sediment. This does lead to a noticeable reduction in coffee sediment, but the tradeoff is the filter durability. And, since we discovered a way to manufacture these for far less than we expected without sacrificing quality, every package includes two filters. We wanted to be the best when it comes to reducing Aeropress coffee grit and sediment, so we gave the filterholes per square inch.

The outer area of the filter is a thick strip of steel that keeps grounds from leaking into your cup from the sides. You can see which filter has the least sediment here. Created using a method similar to our own filter, the Kaffeology S-Filter features a fine stainless steel mesh surrounded by a strip of steel.

The filter hasholes per square inch and allows very little grit into your final mug.

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Some reviewers struggle to fit the filter to their Aeropress, but Kaffeology does have a fitting guide that demonstrates how every single filter can fit an Aeropress. I hope this honest Aeropress metal filter roundup has given you some clarity on the options, their benefits, and their weaknesses. From here, the choice is yours. Ever had coffee that had subtle, natural notes of milk chocolate, strawberries, or roses?

Check out the club! Avoid the flimsy Able Fine. Images Sources: one. Share this article:. Be Grateful T-Shirt. Buy Now. All rights reserved.Size: Filters Keep the pep in your step and the java flowing with the Aerobie AeroPress count coffee filters made to be used with the Aerobie Aeropress coffee and espresso maker.

With two packages of micro filters, you'll have enough to last for months.

aeropress coffee filters

Unlike other coffee press filters, these filters remove grit, resulting in a smoother cup of coffee. By using these filters with your Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso maker, you can have smooth, great-tasting coffee or espresso in under a minute.

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AeroPress Filters Pack - 350pcs

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AeroPress Micro-Filters for AeroPress & AeroPress Go

We're happy to help. Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel.The AeroPress Go gives you all the great brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress and fuels an active lifestyle by packing up neatly in its own mug for delicious coffee anywhere you go. Inventor Alan Adler is fielding questions about everything AeroPress!

Submit your question to Alan and read other recently-answered questions by clicking below! Total immersion and rapid filtering yield the richest, most flavorful coffee that you have ever tasted.

Alan holds over 40 patents. Announcing the new AeroPress Go travel coffee press The AeroPress Go gives you all the great brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress and fuels an active lifestyle by packing up neatly in its own mug for delicious coffee anywhere you go.

Learn More Order Now! Rich, smooth coffee without bitterness. Remarkably low acidity. Makes 1 to 3 cups in about a minute. Brews American, espresso or cold brew style coffee. Cleans in seconds. Ideal for kitchen, camping and traveling. Ask Alan! Ask Alan. Why AeroPress Total immersion and rapid filtering yield the richest, most flavorful coffee that you have ever tasted.

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Why AeroPress. About Us. Buy AeroPress Products Now. All Products.

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Use it Now Here are our insider secrets on how to get the most out of your AeroPress. Getting Started. Experience the Fun.

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